Channeling Hunter S. Thompson June 2019

I've been a busy lady lately. I recently set up my own Patreon account. I'll be publishing a lot of what I channel there. (Not everything! You can still see stuff on my YouTube!) Patreon has been a big help in allowing me to do more with the help of my community! If you'd like to join you'll get access to classes, channelings, Live Q&A and more. All my work with #HST will be moving to that platform. BUT Before it goes there completely I'll be taking questions you may have for him. While the totality of the questions will be access to Patreon only - if he answers your question you will receive the answer personally via FB Messenger or Email. Feel free to email questions to before the 17th.

Thank you to everyone who has been along with me for this wild ride with #huntersthompson!

Here is the link to my Patreon:


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