Hello 2019


It's been about a month since I've posted anything. The holiday season is a busy one for so many of us.
So I thought I'd take a minute and catch up with everyone.

To answer the first question I've been asked a lot recently...YES, there will be more Hunter S. Thompson Channeling coming. I have a lot written and have more to write [still]. We've been arguing about how to better get his messages out. He's pushy, to say the least. He thinks Reddit is the way I need to go. I will need a support team on call for that...just a heads up folks!

I will have a new website very shortly! This one will feed into it so you'll be able to use this address for a bit longer. I promise the new one will be easier to remember! HA!

Other than that, I am super happy to be moving on to 2019. 2018 was a year of so many changes. We all had so many things come up for healing and releasing as a collective. Yet we MADE IT OUT ALIVE!

As for this year, it is off to a great start and it will be BUSY. So buckle down and do what inspires you. It is a year to make a statement. So I hope you released all your fears of success and change. 2019 is full of fun and surprises. Let's enjoy it together!


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