Hunter S. Thompson on Responsibility

HST #6


Freewill is something every human is born with but ultimately as we grow up we allow it to be taken away. We freely give away our power based off of the box society, our parents, school systems, and government's shove down our throats until we concede to the pressure they apply to us.

We come to know this as comfort even as a privilege to conform to this way of following, of ‘being’. It's methodical and “responsible” of us to aside our true nature and to live like “civilized” folk. Everyone is doing it, so should I, you say?

For centuries this way of thinking has impoverished humanity. Bore a black hole into the truth of what we really are; Creators. It's time to step into this role individually or let others create your life. It's up to you to be “responsible” for your experience.  

Today's lesson: Wake up, your not a follower.

Me: Kinda like the last one... No lemmings here.

HST: They aren't getting the point. They will. These are only the beginning lessons. All truth needs a solid platform for understanding.

Me: I see...

HST: Did you come to your self-realization overnight?

Me: I suppose not.

HST: Enough said.


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