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Conversations with HST #2

HST talks #2 2018/21/08 6:50 pm

Me: So three weeks ago you threw some serious allegations in front of me that pertain to you. Way to fuck up a human perspective of a man I know nothing about. Why?

HST: Well thought you had the need to know what you were up against.

Me: I almost couldn't deal with it. It was horrifying. Do you want to talk about it?

HST: You've moved beyond the cock n bull of the dualistic 3rd dimension. I knew you'd come around.

Me: I suppose. This is why you asked me to watch the last two videos, to humanize your existence?

HST: it's been damn near a month and you haven't even given thought to write more on this book. So, in short, yes.

Me: You didn't answer my question.

HST: This book isn't about MY life. It's about how to better live YOURS.

Me: Ok... So you had me watch a video of your son. Do you want to talk about that?

HST: No. I had you watch it so you could see why I picked you. There is a thin line you walk where you could be as much of…

Hunter S. Thompson on Lust

HST #4 As channeled by Christy Keesy August 2, 2018 1:11 am


Lust is the body and mind’s way of telling you that you crave something outside of yourself to feel whole or complete. There is nothing wrong with lust. Lust is a push in a direction.

Do not confuse lust with sex, coveting, or a heart's desire. Lust is a drive to attain awareness. When you lust after another it's science. Unless of course, it's not. Consider this: Lust is just another way to help you wake up and figure out what you need to make yourself feel whole. That's it. Put away all the human side context and figure out what you need to feel complete within yourself. Dig deep. Scratching the surface won't do. Then you can work on understanding desire. They are not one and the same. Though both require self-awareness as not to screw up the lesson.

Today's lesson: learn to think differently about what you think you know.