Hunter S. Thompson on Love

HST #3
Monday, July 23, 2018, or as HST prefers 23 July 2018
2:30 am As Channeled By Christy Keesy

Love is not what you think

Love is all there is. It encompasses every emotion you've ever felt. Yet, as humans, we still try to label it, justify it, make it something good or better than those other feelings that leave the gritty flavor of distaste on our souls.

So I suppose you could say love is hate. But it isn't. Hate is part of love. In fact, you love yourself so damn much from the ‘other side’ you planned many of your dramatic moments just so you could love a life of consequences. Free Will is what made it interesting. What would you choose once you were having that prearranged moment you set up?

Did you learn anything? If you didn't, well, you get another chance. You see, you set up your own life lessons. Until you learn them you will keep having the same moment over and over again just like a carousel. A carousel of love lessons...

Some call it karma. I call it being human. Pay attention to the lessons. Find the love in each situation. Better yet find the Source.

Today's lesson: Find the lesson with love.


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