A message from Isis

I am here for all to call upon. It is time to unleash the feminine heart and begin the balancing of masculine and feminine energies amongst all humans. Gaia is readying herself for a massive shift. We must align our hearts and minds to shift with her. It draws closer each day. Though not all will ascend at once it is a phase that is beginning to grab speed. Hold on and open your hearts it is about to get energetically "shakey" around those of you who anchor the light for us. Introspection is a must but  also needs to be at a minimum. Look to serve and look to see the lessons in every situation. Do not get entangled in grief, agony, or dramas of any kinds at this time. Allow them to play out from a more detached position. Stay focused on bringing the light in and serving others and this will be a better part of your 'Now'. Hear this in your hearts! We are all one. We can overcome in love.

Isis - Essence of the Divine Feminine
Channeled by Christy Keesy

Open Up Your Ability to Communicate on a Higher Frequency

Throw Small Talk Out the Window
Try this instead!

When we meet people we seem to acquire knowledge about the content of their lives. How old they are, what they do for a living, etc. This only defines where they have been. Next time you meet someone new try asking them where they aspire to be? Or what makes their soul sing? Allow your Soul's essence to feel this and connect with the other person. This is when real connections are made; Soul Essence to Soul Essence. Be brave and bold, move beyond the small talk and start a conversation about wonder. May each of you meet and inspire many this week!