Hello 2019


It's been about a month since I've posted anything. The holiday season is a busy one for so many of us.
So I thought I'd take a minute and catch up with everyone.

To answer the first question I've been asked a lot recently...YES, there will be more Hunter S. Thompson Channeling coming. I have a lot written and have more to write [still]. We've been arguing about how to better get his messages out. He's pushy, to say the least. He thinks Reddit is the way I need to go. I will need a support team on call for that...just a heads up folks!

I will have a new website very shortly! This one will feed into it so you'll be able to use this address for a bit longer. I promise the new one will be easier to remember! HA!

Other than that, I am super happy to be moving on to 2019. 2018 was a year of so many changes. We all had so many things come up for healing and releasing as a collective. Yet we MADE IT OUT ALIVE!

As for this year, it is off to a gre…

Hunter S. Thompson on Responsibility

HST #6 2018/21/08 9:11pm


Freewill is something every human is born with but ultimately as we grow up we allow it to be taken away. We freely give away our power based off of the box society, our parents, school systems, and government's shove down our throats until we concede to the pressure they apply to us.

We come to know this as comfort even as a privilege to conform to this way of following, of ‘being’. It's methodical and “responsible” of us to aside our true nature and to live like “civilized” folk. Everyone is doing it, so should I, you say?

For centuries this way of thinking has impoverished humanity. Bore a black hole into the truth of what we really are; Creators. It's time to step into this role individually or let others create your life. It's up to you to be “responsible” for your experience.  

Today's lesson: Wake up, your not a follower.

Me: Kinda like the last one... No lemmings here.

HST: They aren't getting the point. They will…

Hunter S. Thompson on Permission

HST #5 2018/21/08 6:51pm
Every day of your life you wait around for permission to be. Do you realize that damn near all of humanity is waiting for permission to be granted to simply be, do, live?! Who the hell told you that permission is needed to live? You don't ask permission to breathe or shit but you ask permission to live your life.
No? So you do what you want? Did you ask for vacation time? Did you ask how to have your haircut? Did you ask for opinions before making any decision? Then you are seeking permission to live your life.
Try this: Give yourself permission to BE you. To do what YOU WANT. Just try not to be an asshole while you're at it.
Today's lesson: Allowance of self. In the interim of your life may you figure this out. For Christ's sake your not a lemming!

Conversations with HST #2

HST talks #2 2018/21/08 6:50 pm

Me: So three weeks ago you threw some serious allegations in front of me that pertain to you. Way to fuck up a human perspective of a man I know nothing about. Why?

HST: Well thought you had the need to know what you were up against.

Me: I almost couldn't deal with it. It was horrifying. Do you want to talk about it?

HST: You've moved beyond the cock n bull of the dualistic 3rd dimension. I knew you'd come around.

Me: I suppose. This is why you asked me to watch the last two videos, to humanize your existence?

HST: it's been damn near a month and you haven't even given thought to write more on this book. So, in short, yes.

Me: You didn't answer my question.

HST: This book isn't about MY life. It's about how to better live YOURS.

Me: Ok... So you had me watch a video of your son. Do you want to talk about that?

HST: No. I had you watch it so you could see why I picked you. There is a thin line you walk where you could be as much of…

Hunter S. Thompson on Lust

HST #4 As channeled by Christy Keesy August 2, 2018 1:11 am


Lust is the body and mind’s way of telling you that you crave something outside of yourself to feel whole or complete. There is nothing wrong with lust. Lust is a push in a direction.

Do not confuse lust with sex, coveting, or a heart's desire. Lust is a drive to attain awareness. When you lust after another it's science. Unless of course, it's not. Consider this: Lust is just another way to help you wake up and figure out what you need to make yourself feel whole. That's it. Put away all the human side context and figure out what you need to feel complete within yourself. Dig deep. Scratching the surface won't do. Then you can work on understanding desire. They are not one and the same. Though both require self-awareness as not to screw up the lesson.

Today's lesson: learn to think differently about what you think you know.

Hunter S. Thompson on Love

HST #3 Monday, July 23, 2018, or as HST prefers 23 July 2018 2:30 am As Channeled By Christy Keesy

Love is not what you think

Love is all there is. It encompasses every emotion you've ever felt. Yet, as humans, we still try to label it, justify it, make it something good or better than those other feelings that leave the gritty flavor of distaste on our souls.

So I suppose you could say love is hate. But it isn't. Hate is part of love. In fact, you love yourself so damn much from the ‘other side’ you planned many of your dramatic moments just so you could love a life of consequences. Free Will is what made it interesting. What would you choose once you were having that prearranged moment you set up?

Did you learn anything? If you didn't, well, you get another chance. You see, you set up your own life lessons. Until you learn them you will keep having the same moment over and over again just like a carousel. A carousel of love lessons...

Some call it karma. I call it being human.…

Wake up with Hunter S. Thompson

HST Lesson #2 as Channeled by Christy Keesy
July 17, 2018
1:22 am
You are more than a bag of bones.
The day you realize you are more than a meat puppet is the day you may start to live. You can pray to God all you want but in the end, you find out you’re praying to yourself. Yeah, yourself. Chew on that for a minute.

There are some of you who will instantly get this and many of you who won’t. It goes against everything your dogma religions have taught you. Get over it. You pray to your own soul for guidance and help. It is up to you to take it. Hell, would you even realize it if the answers bit you in the face? You are as much a part of God as God is a part of us. An individualized experience. It is up to you to find the God Source within. What are you waiting for?

Stop putting on so many pretenses to your prayers and just accept the miracles that come your way. Ask for what you want. Know your prayer had been heard. Know that what's in your best interest is headed your way.
Be grateful…